Our Collection

Timeless designs and colours

With classic design and attention to detail, the di CROCO range not only includes handbags, work totes, wallets and purses but extends to matching belts, card holders, office accessories, key holders and even glasses cases for men and women. Our recently introduced jewellery range is totally unique based on artisan executed collections in both belly and hornback skin.

The di CROCO internationally designed range is handcrafted by third and fourth generation leather craftsmen to deliver world class luxury accessories.

Our colour palettes for belly skin and hornback skin are distinctive. The belly skin range includes Glazed, Matte, Garment High Shine and Metallic finishes. Whilst our collection includes classic colours, we are introducing new colours as feedback from clients demands.

Hornback skin is tanned with matte finishes and various new techniques for example, the pearlised Sunrise White.

We use the most advanced crocodile skin tanneries in the world and so we are able to introduce new and innovative colours and finishes.

The skins used in the range have been carefully selected from the two best farms in the Northern Territory and each skin is unique. For this reason no two finished products can ever be exactly the same. Our commitment is to cut the skin for every item to show off the scale pattern in the most appealing way. Clients find the element of choice in terms of the specific aesthetic of the scale pattern a key reason to buy one of our accessories. All our lined belts and accessories are lined with calfskin and/or fabric. Our bags are lined with either lambskin or calfskin, usually beige colour or beige and matching to the crocodile skin. Recently we launched our Italian-made collection of bags with the custom-made lining designed by one of the artists of the Merrepen arts community in the Daly River Region of the Northern Territory. Gold or silver toned fittings are plated to a high quality. The di CROCO branding is embossed to complement the individual accessories.