Crocodylus porosus Skin

Crocodile skins are composed of a network of interconnected scales and osteoderms of various types and sizes. Not to be confused with alligator skin, Australian Crocodylus porosus skin commands a premium price above all other reptilian species because of a unique combination of two inherent features:

  • the natural beauty of the graduation in size and shape of the scale pattern
  • the flexibility of the tanned skins, which are immensely strong even when used in thicknesses of 1mm in thickness and matte tanned to the softest possible feel.

Although the supply of Crocodylus porosus skins has grown since the farming programme was first introduced, the numbers are still small in terms of total crocodilian skins available globally. The rarity of the natural resource determines that crocodile products will never be mass market, but di CROCO designs for everyday use so that clients can enjoy the maximum use of a stylish yet practical and durable material.