We tan the belly skin in either a matte (soft) or glazed (shiny) finish. Other finishes such as metallic finishes are additional processes after tanning. The skin quality is the same regardless of finish. During the tanning process, the skin’s natural pigmentation is bleached out, allowing the tanner to dye the skin any colour. Advancements in tanning techniques now allow us to offer matte finished skins that are extraordinarily soft and versatile, enabling them to be draped for use in garments and upholstery.

Within these finishes, belly skin accessories come in a range of colours. All colours have been developed with longevity in mind and with a subtlety that enduring fashion demands: the choice of matte versus glazed versus metallic finish is entirely one of personal preference. However, product designs have been modified to suit the appeal and characteristics of the various finishes. Handbags in the matte finish skin generally have a “softer” look, and while some models are only made in glazed finish, others are only in matte.

Backstraps have to be tanned separately to belly skin due to the nature of the “bone” in the skin. We have now developed a wide selection of colours in hornback including the very special “Sunrise White” pearlised finish.