Hornback or Belly Skin?

As a material for use in the making of accessories, crocodile skin is near-perfect, providing a constant source of wonder – soft, yet incredibly tough and each with its own unique scale pattern. 

The “belly skin” is the term given to that part of the skin which includes the entire underside of the crocodile’s belly, tail and chin. Smooth and flat, this is the most valuable piece of skin and is used for handbags, purses, wallets, dress belts and other accessories. 

The “backstrap” is the piece of crocodile skin running down the spine of the animal from immediately behind the head to its tail, and includes four rows of raised osteoderms giving a very different look and feel. The di CROCO hornback belt range is made from this skin, as well as an outstandingly innovative range of handbags, wallets, pouches and jewellery.