Our Philosophy

Uncompromising quality at di CROCO

At di CROCO our focus is on the beauty of our skin. This starts with raw skin selection at the farms and progresses through each stage of the journey before an item is ready for sale. Tannery selection, tanning specifications, colours and finishes, product design and specifications, metal accessory choices and even custom making of hardware are all critical aspects for us. From raw skin selection to finished article can be nine months or more. Made to order lead times can vary from four weeks to six months, depending on skin availability.

At di CROCO every element of the manufacturing process is scrutinized to complement the superior quality of our crocodile skins. We believe that matching this luxury material with the highest standard of tanning and the best possible design is fundamental in delivering a quality finished item. The di CROCO collection is thus the collaborative result of the efforts of our team of specialists involved in every stage of production: advanced farming techniques, necessary to maximise the proportion of top quality skins, the best tanning technologies available and top quality design and manufacture for the accessories and their components, even the presentation and packaging. All must reflect the quality of the finest, most highly sought after and valuable skin in the world. A di CROCO accessory means true craftsmanship in every respect.